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Hi, my name is Ifeloluwa. I am a freelance writer. Do you need content that converts? Do you need SEO-optimized content? You’re in the right place! I will help you add color to your content by making it fun to read and engaging. All the while saving you time, growing your traffic, and increasing your leads. 


Don't Break Your Pocket!!!

How to Build Your Makeup Kit as a Beginner

Building your makeup kit should not have to cause you stress. As a beginner, start with what you have and get just the essentials. Yes, you want to invest in your business but it is okay to start small. Don’t get giddy and buy everything that comes out as you may end up broke!

What to do Before Starting Your Career as a Makeup Artist

There are no wrong reasons for starting a business; our reasons differ from one person to the other. It could be because you want the have time for yourself and loved ones or you want a work-life balance, you want to be your own boss, or because you want to do what you like when you like. Or maybe you’re bored with your present job. It could even be because you have a product/service, which there’s high demand for